The Massage Room News

Another year gone by and what a year!! The Massage Room’s 11th year.

Recent News
The Massage Room is proud to announce that we achieved a FHT magazine article ‘A day in the life of’ last winter.  Very excited to have been published and nice to think that my daily work life was interesting enough to have been chosen.  Take a look at the article here.

That brings me nicely to our new website which has been professionally designed and bespoke for The Massage Room. I feel it brings out our unique clinical yet cosy style. Let us know what you think.

Finally, and yet the most exciting news so far, The Massage Room qualified for The National Massage Championships in London and attended back in September.  The Massage Room went to London for 2 days at Olympia and competed against some amazing Therapists.

My good friend Jess Nyahoe accompanied me on the adventure and agreed to be model!  You can view our results on our facebook page. We didn’t do too bad at all and we look forward to competing again next year.


Gift Vouchers
The Massage Room offers vouchers, a great Christmas present option for your loved ones.

Social Media
The Massage Room has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages making it easy for commination, keeping up with promotions and
latest updates. Feel free to follow.

New Treatments
Dry Needling will be offered soon. Please feel free to ask next time you see us.

Price Changes
The Massage Room has not increased prices for 3 years and we have decided we can’t hold off any longer.  All treatment prices will be increasing on 30/11/18 and will be updated on the website from this date.

Personal achievements
As some of you may already know that I joined Henfield Joggers back in March as a beginner and I have booked my first Half Marathon in February!!  The Massage Room Instagram page is part of my Henfield Jogger experience and challenges.  I hope this brings inspiration, joy and a laugh to my clients and friends!

Lastly I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting The Massage Room this last year and for the last 11 years.  Without you The Massage Room wouldn’t be here today.